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April 2014 Activities and Events


With Easter falling in the middle of April this year, you won’t be surprised to find that the activities calendar features quite a few Easter-themed events this month. In addition to all of the activities and events that Villagers are used to finding on their calendars each month, Camp Villages has scheduled a number of […]

Census Bureau: The Villages is Fastest Growing Metropolitan Area

According to the latest US Census Bureau figures released just a few days ago, The Villages is the nation’s fastest growing metropolitan area. From 2012 to 2013 The Villages grew 5.2 percent, gaining more than 5,300 new people. In prior years the Census Bureau classified The Villages as a “micropolitan” area as opposed to a […]

The Villages Polo Club

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Villages Polo Club

The first 4:30 of this video will give you an inside look at just how popular polo season is in The Villages… The opportunity to learn something new is one of the things residents value about The Villages. For a number of Villagers, polo is one of the new things they have discovered. With a […]

The Lay of the Land


About this video: The Villages is a huge place and it definitely takes newcomers some time to get the lay of the land. In this video I’m going to help you shortcut the learning curve in that regard.

February 2014 Club Highlights


As with any month at The Villages, February brings us a completely packed club schedule that features many different clubs getting together on every single one of the 28 days in the month. It would be humanly impossible to participate in all of the different clubs that The Villages has to offer, but selecting a […]

February 2014 Activities Calendar


Because of the Valentine’s Day holiday, many of the events scheduled at The Villages are focused on the topic of love. That love can mean your relationship with a significant other, with a certain group of friends, or your fondness of any particular game or activity. The Villages recreation staff has gone above and beyond […]

What Exactly Does “No Bond” Mean?

I get this question all the time because its a very confusing issue. A lot of times when looking at resales in The Villages you’ll see the statement “No Bond” or, in many cases “Bond Paid”. What does this mean? Well, depending on who wrote it, it can mean one of a couple things. For […]

January 2014 Club Highlights


The beginning of a new year is a great time to get involved in one of the many clubs that are available to all residents of The Villages. There are clubs in The Villages that represent just about every interest and skill level that you can possibly imagine. If you would like to get involved […]

Square 1 Burgers Coming to The Villages


An exciting new addition to The Villages restaurant scene is going to be Square 1 Burgers & Bar, which is expected to open in Pinellas Plaza later this spring. While the opening is still a few months away, this might be the restaurant that revolutionizes the way Villagers feel about their burgers! About Square 1 […]