Test Your Knowledge of The Villages

The Villages Quiz
Welcome to The Villages Aptitude Test, a fun little quiz to test your knowledge of The Villages. I hope you enjoy this little diversion and find it cool enough to share with your friends!

Let us know how you did by sharing your score in the comments below.

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  1. Loving the lifestyle.

  2. Love your emails, very informative. Fun quiz – – – but what are the correct answers???

  3. virginia intemann says:

    what were the correct ans. to the quiz?

  4. Bruce Gintoft says:

    The questions do not show on my laptop. I am running on Mac OS, so I don’t know if that has something to do with it.

  5. Bruce Gintoft says:

    Found out why it would not print. I used the Safari browser. I changed to using the Firefox browser and all is well.

  6. Diane Grysko says:

    The questions aren’t coming up, therefore I can’t take the quiz, unfortunately.

  7. Bruce Gintoft says:

    Try using a different browser!

  8. I didn’t get the questions either. Tried with my iPhone

  9. Too bad the quiz didn’t work

  10. cathie hines says:

    Fun quiz. Knew more than I thought. Don’t know why so many people having problems. Questions came right up and the answers were at the end after my score.

  11. Not getting the questions on my iPad. :(

  12. Too bad the questions never appeared. Would have loved to take the quiz.

  13. only got 50% Guess i don’t know as much as i think i do

  14. Cynthia Holman says:

    Quiz does not work, does not come on line despite several tries!!!

  15. Marite Berman says:

    Had no issues w technology but got 3 wrong….:(
    Fun quiz
    Neat idea, Eric

  16. Marite Berman says:

    My apologies!
    I meant to say Ryan , not Eric! Lol

  17. Ryan Erisman says:

    Ha ha! Get Eric all the time Marite. Ever since I was little. No worries :-)

  18. Celine Petrie says:

    Fun quiz! Disappointed I got 3 wrong since I have lived here for almost 7 years. I had no idea there is a catfish in LSL, never mind that he has a name!

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