The Villages Lifestyle Preview Plan

Morning reflections - Lake Sumter Landing via The Villages Daily Photo

One of the most important things you should do when deciding whether to move to The Villages is to take advantage of The Villages Lifestyle Preview.

What is The Villages Lifestyle Preview?

The Villages Lifestyle Preview allows prospective Villagers the opportunity to come live like a Villager for anywhere from 4 days to two weeks. For about $175 per night (depending on time of year, etc.) The Villages will put you up in one of their fully-furnished “Creekside Cabanas” located in Lake Sumter Landing, one of the two (soon to be three) town squares. Your Cabana will have everything you’d expect from a typical vacation rental and even includes your very own golf cart for getting around The Villages while you are here.

Many people visiting don’t even bother to rent a car. If you fly directly in to Orlando International Airport, you can just hop on The Villages Shuttle which will bring you right to The Villages. Personally though, I’d recommend renting a car because that will allow you to cover a lot more ground while you’re checking out the areas in and around The Villages.

What Else Is Included?

When you check-in you’ll receive an ID card and gate pass which will allow you access to all the amenities residents get to enjoy everyday. Though some of the other free benefits change from time-to-time, you currently get one round of championship golf and one round of executive course golf per person, two theater tickets, and book with coupons and discounts for use at select restaurants and retailers.

There has been a noticeable reduction in the amount of freebies given in recent years because the community seems to sell itself pretty well. Back a few years ago The Villages used to pick up preview guests in a stretch limo at the airport. Those days are gone though.

What To Bring?

As I mentioned, the place where you’ll be staying will have just about everything you’d need. Just pack like you would normally for a vacation. You can either bring your golf clubs or rent a set when you get here. Don’t forget to bring along your copy of Complete Guide to The Villages (shameless plug!) and your checkbook, in case you fall in love and find a home you have to have.

In closing, The Villages Lifestyle Preview is something you should definitely take advantage of. The price is right, and it includes some decent perks. There’s really no better way to experience what life is like in The Villages.

Thinking about moving to The Villages?

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  1. donna harrison says:

    what is the price from jan. 3rd for a week or two week visit?

    Can I bring one small pet, an older cat indoors and litter trained?
    Is there an extra charge for my pet?
    thank you in advance.

  2. Ed & Mindy says:

    Hi Ryan

    Have your book and on the email list ( is tour home email).

    So…. We just visited TV on Saturday to get a feel and see if it was worth looking into further; we liked the place. At least for the day we were there. Mostly around Sumter Landing.
    Unfortunately the Lifestyle plan is booked till April. We may have a small dog so the Inn at there is out; it would be nice to have the pooch around for the evening and walking around town. (mindy would say that for sure, but is fine with no dog too)

    Do you know of any house rentals for just 4-5 days ? near the end of January ?

    I assume we can get access to some of the neighboorhoods and I’m sure a sales person is more than anxious to give us a tour and show some homes for sale.



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